After a Bath Poem- A rhyme to while bathing

Children love bathing and if there is a cute song to sing along, then their giggling won’t stop. When it comes to children’s songs, there are a lot of options. Some teach about healthy eating, some develop good habits, while others teach math. However, ‘After a Bath’ is one of those nursery rhymes which children love to sing during and after bathing.

The poem is based on the habit of bathing and was written by Aileen Fisher (1906 – 2002), an American writer who has written numerous toddler songs including picture books and poetry. The poem is though not very informative, children love singing it because of the rhyming words.

About the lyrics:

‘After a Bath’ is a fun to sing preschool rhyme and you’ll find it everywhere on the web. There are many videos based on this rhyme where a toddler is shown bathing and then drying with a towel. The rhyme starts like this: ‘After a bath, I try, try, try to wipe myself till I’m dry, dry, dry’. It is a very short rhyme but is full of fun and joyous moments for children. The rhyme just teaches a toddler how to dry yourself and every part of the body after bathing is done. Also, in the end, the poet describes how a dog dries itself; and that is by shaking his body when it’s wet.

Takeaways for toddlers:

The nursery rhyme is a funny one with appealing lyrics and children love to sing it while bathing. Also, it focuses on the importance of drying after you’ve bathed. The rhyme makes it clear to the children that bathing is a good habit and that it is necessary to keep yourself clean. Also, it is important to dry yourself properly and each body part with care.

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