The Rhyme ‘Wheels on the Bus’ that takes you on a fun ride

‘Wheels on the bus’ is one of the most popular nursery rhymes and every child must have listened to it at least once. This children’s song is linked to American folk song and it is said that it was written in 1939 by Verna Hills. The children song is still popular worldwide and children love to sing it especially on their bus trips.

Children normally grow up singing the funny and entertaining nursery rhymes and ‘Wheels on the Bus’ is one of them. The melody of this song is attributed to a famous circle-dance song ‘Here we go round Mulberry bush’.

The meaning of the Rhyme:

The Wheels on the Bus rhyme is about wheels of the bus that go round and round. The rhyme is of repetitive nature and is cyclically structured so that it gets more interesting for the children and is easy to learn too. The rhyme then talks about the wipers on the bus that go swish, the horn that goes beep, the door that goes open and shut, and the people that go up and down during the ride. The whole rhyme is based on the bus trip and discusses all the things that happen while the bus is running.

The lesson for kids:

The toddler’s song is meant for fun only and it improves their observation skills. The song is actually inspired by the repetitive actions that happen during the bus ride. Children love to sing along because the repetitive words such as ‘round and round’ and ‘swish swish swish’ make them giggle. There are many videos based on this nursery rhyme which show a yellow bus packed with people who are having a fun ride on the bus. The main purpose of the rhyme is to keep the children entertained and happy during a bus ride.

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