Tingalayo Come Little Donkey Come Nursery Rhymes Song

Tingalayo is a children’s song and it originated from the Caribbean. There are many versions of this song and it was popular among the English-speaking and Spanish-speaking people. It is an old folk song of fun-loving and joyous nature. ‘Tingalayo’ is the name of a donkey that is cute, talented and performs various activities.

Though this song is not very popular now, it was quite alive some years ago. It isn’t as meaningful as other nursery rhymes, it is meant for fun and entertainment. Children love to sing it and perform on the various actions that the donkey is said to perform in the song.

About the lyrics:

The lyrics of the Tingalayo song revolve around the donkey that follows your instructions. It starts with ‘Tingalayo! Come little donkey come’ and then ‘My donkey walk, my donkey talk’ and so on. Some of the versions are present in Spanish or Latin while others are translated into English. There are phrases like ‘My donkey dance, my donkey play… My donkey sings with me every day’, which make the kids’ song very playful and interesting. The children song is fun to sing and gets more joyous if combined with some cool jazz voicings or Latin-rock music.

Takeaways for kids:

The ‘Tingalayo song’ offers a way to entertain the children by involving them in the catchy lyrics. Toddlers will learn to perform various actions and learn about the verbs such as run, talk, eat, sleep, and talk. Also, it can be used as a preschool rhyme where teachers can ask the children to perform such as raise their hands and shake for ‘Tingalayo’ and swap out actions for jump, roll, run, and ski. The song also helps in building the abilities of the children to listen and sing the melodic tunes in pitch.

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